Robyn Harding (RCRT)

Robyn has been an advocate of healthy living and holistic wellness since her teen years. A lifelong resident of Timberlea, she is thrilled to join the team at St. Margaret’s Bay Massage Therapy. Her wellness journey began in 1994, as a certified fitness instructor for the YMCA where she spent 6 years coaching clients.
In 1999, she found her true calling – foot reflexology! She was certified in 2000 and has been a tireless champion for the benefits of reflexology ever since.

Reflexology can help people looking for relief from physical pain to emotional exhaustion. It can energise or relax you, initiating the body's own healing systems.

It is a very relaxing and rejuvenating therapy that compliments massage therapy, osteopathy, yoga, breathing work, and many others forms of bodywork. Reflexology gives your mind and body space to open and receive comfort and stillness.

She looks forward to bringing relaxation to the Bay!

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