Meridian tapping

Meridian Tapping Therapy is a powerful mind-body healing technique to address our thought process and how it affects the body. This clinically proven process quickly transforms how we represent the past and enables us to eliminate the negative emotions that are driving the problem.  

The technique involves physically tapping on specific meridian points of the body while the client focuses on a negative event or memory that elicits a strong emotional response. This process breaks the mind-body connection,allowing the emotional charge surrounding the memory to be released. 

This simple, fast and effective technique can help you get emotional relief from past negative or traumatic events or memories. 

If you are holding onto anxiety, anger, fear, phobias, low self-esteem, emotional traumas, grief, sadness, shame, frustration, resentment, or chronic pain,this technique has the potential to help you help yourself.  
Things to note:

  • Treatments are performed on fully clothed patients
  • Comfortable clothing is recommended